Homeopathic Research and Provings
23-24 MAY 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

23-24 May 2020 the 1st International Conference on Homeopathic Research and Provings took place online.

It was more than just the first online international conference on research in homeopathy, theory and practice of provings, homeopathy in psychology, but an incredible in its power and might unity of specialists on one online platform that allowed participants to share experience, opinions, plans. The unconventional format of the event allowed every speaker and participant staying in the comfort of one’s home to feel the atmosphere of professional unity, cooperation and creation.
The conference was dedicated to the memory of Jorg Wichmann – our good friend, colleague, the founder of Provings.info.
Homeopaths from different countriesamong whom were Lubov Lurie, Anna Schadde, Roman Buchimensky gave welcome speeches at the opening of the conference.

The conference brought together 65 participants.
The online platform united homeopaths not only from numerous regions of Russia, but also from Austria, Germany, Israel, India, Kazakhstan, Canada, the Netherlands, USA, Ukraine and Switzerland.

The first day of the conference saw 19 lectures of leading Russian and international homeopaths involved in clinical practice and research. World-renowned specialist Jeremy Sherr and Harry van der Zee shared their experience of provings and large-scale research.

On 24 May workshops of homeopaths of the International Homeopathic School ‘Proving’ were held. More in-depth and detailed journey to the provings of material and immaterial substances, active discussions allowed participants to better understand the topics presented and take away more useful information.

The conference was as one of the participants said ‘a breath of fresh air’ for those who care about homeopathy and laid the foundation for the development of new projects and ideas aimed at spreading knowledge on homeopathy and strengthening connections among specialists in this area. It became a truly historic event in the world of homeopathy.

We will be looking forward to meeting you again!


I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to touch the wonderful world of homeopathy. Not only did I find the time, but I couldn’t get myself away from the screen fascinated so I had to cancel all my meetings….

Marina Oren, Israel

Thank you very much for the conference, for this heroic homeopathic marathon! Our homeopathic community badly needs it, especially now. When we are together we are strong and we can stand, we can develop and rise even higher for the benefit and health of our people, Russia and the world. Long live homeopathy and our homeopathic commonwealth!
P. S. Looking forward to the continuation.

Olga Chekhomova, Perm, Russia

Dear colleagues and organisers of this wonderful versatile conference! First of all I would like to thank Svetlana and Dmitry Popov for inviting me to this conference. It was a tremendous marathon of interesting lectures which one after another made me admire and work, made me realise it was happening here and now. Every lecture enriched me and produced new ideas and images in my mind, helped find new solutions for the current unsolved cases. Talks filled with informative energy and emotion helped feel and delve into the idea of proving and touch the substance on every level. Hope that such a dose of multiaspect proving will benefit each and every participant of this rich in all ways conference. It was amazing! Thank you!

Alina Levin, Israel

I would like to express my immense gratitude to the organisers of the 1st International Conference on Homeopathic Research and Provings – the International Homeopathic School ‘Proving’ and the Via Homeopatica Homeopathic Centre for such a high quality conference! All the speakers are professionals… This conference has definitely enriched everyone with professional knowledge and successes in clinical practice. I would also like to point out an incredibly warm atmosphere of the conference, quality technical support and non-stop simultaneous translation from English into Russian and back for 12 hours! Despite the fact that the conference was long with short breaks it actually flew! I wish you new conferences, participants and discoveries!

Ekaterina Pomazkova, Moscow, Russia

Thanks a lot! The conference and the workshops were well organized. The information was presented in a wholesome and thoughtful manner. Interesting talks. Perfect organization. Everything has been dome with a lot of love, with the desire to share what you have learned yourselves. And what’ important the work that’s been done creates plans for future research and cooperation.

Irina Stepanova, Moscow, Russia


If you did not have a chance to take part in the conference and/or workshop you have an opportunity to watch the recording of the event.